About Our Resort

A perfect getaway to experience nature up-close. The resort is situated at Shrivardhan and surrounded by a 'Wadi'. the term 'Wadi' in local term is the plantation/garden. The resort is among the garden of Coconut, Betel Nut, Jackfruit, Mango and other trees. This is the place where the shadows of coconut trees, melody of singing birds greet you.

We offer comfortable accommodation to relax and rejuvenate far away from hustle and bustle of city.

Located in Shrivardhan, distinguished for its secluded seashore alongside the imperial chain of mountains that reign over the entire Maharashtra, is a perfect holiday destination as it appeals to both, the coastline as well as hill station adoring tourists.


Shrivardhan is a taluka, city in Raigad district in Maharashtra state is an ancient place of historical and is mentioned as being visited Arjuna Pandav in his pilgrimage. It is well known place for traders in the past. In sixteenth and seventeenth centuries under Ahmadnagar and afterwards under Bijapur shrivardhan was a port of consequence.

Shrivardhan is one of the oldest towns in Maharashtra. It is a town of Peshwas. The Bhats of Shrivardhan - later popularly known as Peshwas - witnessed the rise and fall of Marathas after Shivaji's period.